Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Mothers Best Friend

If you have some extra money and are unsure what to do with it may I suggest purchasing a steam cleaner. About a year ago I was struggling with some hard to clean area's of my home when I seen one of those infomercials come on about steam cleaners. Now I know what your about to say...I was reeled in hook line and sinker for just 3 easy payments of (insert whatever $ you can imagine here) but NO I was not.

It did get me thinking about steam cleaners though and after figuring out my budget and looking at many models online I was able to find a keeper. It is my Steam Fast - Portable Power Steam Cleaner (Model SF-246).

What originally started my hunt was the problems we were having in our lower level bathroom. We live in a tri-level duplex and the only tub/shower is located in the very lower level. A small window was the only way of removing moisture build up from every day showers. Well that and a sub-par exhaust fan that more often than not sounded like a train leaving the station when it was on. Well after a few long winter months without the window open and the kids being scared of the extremely loud fan we began to have a mold problem. Mold around the ceiling and fixtures mostly and no matter what I did I couldn't keep up with it. Let me tell you that if you think its hard to breath in a hot moist shower you can just imagine how fun it was to try and clean mold away with bleach products in the same low ventilated area. Needless to say I was over it and on the search for something that could lend me a hand without making me pass out from fumes was on!

It seemed like a steam cleaner would be the best option since it not only cleaned but sanitized the area without the fumes of bleaches & other harsh chemicals. All I had to do was add clean water, plug it in and vuala a lean mean steam cleaning machine was I!! It not only helped with our mold problem but I've also used it other places all around the house. I use it to clean my window casings, carpets, stove top, oven, grill grates and so much more!

I purchased my Steam Fast from so I could reap the benefits of their free ship to store which saved me a few extra bucks and it came within a week. I was very excited and it didn't disappoint. Not only was it a steam cleaner it also came with a few accessories: utility head, cloth cover, shoulder strap, steam jet nozzle, nozzle tip, nylon brush, brass brush, extension wands, and measuring cup. The only piece I've used and not liked so far has been the nylon brush tip. I feel they could have made this one a little more durable but over all I have been very pleased. The tank inside is large too, holding 4 cups of water it's able to work for at least a half hour before it "runs out of steam".

I would definitely recommend a steam cleaner to anyone who has the money. I'm sure there are better models out there but for about $75 this one is great for what I need it for. 

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